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  • 1 nastavte LOL bábika Prekvapenie Pôvodného Kalendára doll Oblečenie, obuv fľaša vyhovovali hračky pre deti,
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1 nastavte LOL bábika Prekvapenie Pôvodného Kalendára doll Oblečenie, obuv fľaša vyhovovali hračky pre deti,



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  • Mfg Poradové Číslo: ŽIVOTNÝ štýl
  • Vekové Rozpätie: > 3 rokov
  • stav: V Sklade
  • Pohlavie: Unisex
  • Rozmery: 8 cm
  • Batérie: no
  • Formulár: 1/3
  • BJD/SD Atribút: bábika
  • Druh: Módne Bábiky
  • Tému: Film a TV
  • Položka Druh: Bábiky
  • Upozornenie: Žiadny zápas
  • Materiál: Plastové
  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Plastové Typ: ABS
  • Číslo Modelu: tao1009
  • Názov Značky: L. O. L. PREKVAPENIE!
Eze Bocaelcampeon
All as in the picture. Very satisfied. Delivery is super fast, in 17 days, yes before the new year. Super fast. Tracking was. Very convenient. The doll itself is very beautiful, as in the picture. Thank you very much
Super delighted, as in the photo really top like every precise details
3 weeks to Moscow. Very satisfied with the pupae. Ordered 3 pieces and very worried, because. The reviews are controversial, but the pupae are not cheap. But, thank God, everything is intact and of excellent quality. The only thing, the orange doll has a velvet layer at the skirt. I had to take it all off. Now just a rubber yellow skirt. A little sorry, so I'm waiting for a partial refund. Dolls are all perfectly painted, for a long time I did not receive such a quality goods. A new discount in the ball costs 2000 - 2500 R, and it is still unknown who will get hit. And here for 2500 I received 3 original, yes, such as what I want. All the stamps are in place. One model (Jubilee-with glasses-stars, red-white-blue) changes in the cold-the swimsuit becomes colored. In general, I'm in incredible delight!!!! Like a child playing. All-all accessories and clothes in place. The purple model with glasses-Hearts is called Violet. The only remark to this doll is the paint of a little sodran on glasses, but it's not a problem for me to paint.
Inna Master
Куколка пришла очень быстро, заметных дефектов я не обнаружила, когда открыла посылку был слегка неприятный запах, но выветрился он буквально за 10 минут, малышка меняет цвет в холодной воде, покупкой очень довольна, с продавцом не общалась
Ok same as the picture thanks good seller recommend

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